Paddle Your Way to Health with Ohana SUP & Fitness

stand up paddleboarding
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stand up paddle boarding
personal training
medical fitness

Get in Shape with Personal Training & a Total Body SUP Fitness Workout

Just imagine being out on the ocean in the Florida sunshine, connecting with nature. Getting up close and personal with marine life. Feeling present and mindful as you paddle your way through the water. Working out your whole body in a way that’s fun and contributes to lifelong well-being.

At Ohana SUP & Fitness, we help clients from many walks of life with their fitness goals. From medical fitness to outdoor enthusiasts looking for a change of pace, or anyone looking for a personalized training program, we have a plan for you.

Whether it’s one-on-one private training, online coaching, or standup paddleboarding (SUP), we can help boost your health, strength, and vitality. We also provide specialized fitness training for people fighting chronic medical conditions. Our workouts are something to look forward to!

A healthy lifestyle is what we do best, and we love sharing our passion and enthusiasm with our community.

“Not only is doing SUP great exercise, Daffodil makes the entire experience fun! She is thorough in explaining the various positions to ensure that you understand and know exactly what you’re doing for safety and proper muscle engagement. Highly recommend this peaceful workout!”

– L.Q.

What Is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Like walking on water…only better!

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP for short, is an outdoor water activity where you stand up or kneel on a board and paddle your way through the water. SUP is growing in popularity and is the perfect outdoor water activity in the calm waters of the bay in Clearwater, Florida.

Beginners Can SUP!

If you’ve never done SUP, it might look intimidating and seem as hard to learn as surfing. However, you’ll be standing most of the time instead of lying down, paddling out, and finding the perfect timing to stand up and catch a wave. While SUP is a dynamic workout, it’s appropriate for all levels and does not require the same kind of balance and coordination that surfing does. We are personal trainers with lots of experience with people just getting started in a fitness regime.

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Daffodil yoga pose in Hawaii

Hoe He’e Nalu: The Hawaiian Roots of SUP

Paddleboarding has been around for thousands of years. People in ancient Polynesia, Africa, and South America used it for work, transportation, and play.

In the Hawaiian language, SUP is called hoe he’e nalu. Its popularity sprang up in Hawaii in the 1900s. The version we know today originated in Waikiki in the 1940s. A local Hawaiian surfer, John Ah Choy, would stand on his board and paddle out with a canoe paddle to catch waves when he got older. It also became a way for photographers to grab photos.

Hawaiian surfers also started using outrigger paddles while standing on their boards in the 1960s, and the trend took off. In the early 2000s, SUP came to California as a cross-training activity for surfers. Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama popularized SUP as a sport.

How SUP Fitness Can Benefit You

Modern life is busy. Long working hours and commuting, prepackaged food and one-click delivery services because we’re too exhausted to cook, and Netflix binges contribute to weight gain, burnout, stress, and health complications.

We tack exercise onto the bottom of our long list of things to do – especially if it isn’t fun and feels too challenging to fit into a jam-packed schedule.

This is where we come in. Ohana SUP & Fitness offers in-person and online personal training, and individual and small group SUP sessions. We can also mix things up with training at your home – you will never get bored with all the possibilities!

SUP is a great outdoor activity that connects people of all ages and fitness levels with nature while challenging your overall health and strength. Here are just a few SUP benefits!

Anyone, Any Body

SUP fitness does not involve impact other than the occasional tip into the water! It’s easier on your joints, ligaments, and tendons. It can actually help people who experience shin splints, knee, or hip pain by increasing strength.

A Workout From Head to Toe

SUP is a great way to burn calories, firm up those abs, improve your balance and flexibility, and get your heart rate up. A leisurely paddle will burn about 305-430 calories per hour. You use your feet muscles to balance, arms to paddle, and back muscles to stabilize and increase your heart rate. We will also coach you on many different ways to work out your whole body outside of just paddling!

Gets Your Heart Going

SUP cross-trains you like running and aerobics, keeping your heart rate up during prolonged paddling. Heart health is crucial for reducing health risks, particularly for those battling diabetes and heart disease.

Get a Fab Abs Workout

Because paddling activates your core and your ab muscles have to work hard to stabilize your body, you’ll get a challenging tummy workout – without doing dreaded crunches. You probably won’t even notice you’re working out your core, either, because you’ll be focused on the fun (or excited about your new stingray friend).

Levels Up Your Balance

SUP is a great way to burn calories, firm up those abs, improve your balance and flexibility, and get your heart rate up. A leisurely paddle will burn about 305-430 calories per hour. You use your feet muscles to balance, arms to paddle, and back muscles to stabilize and increase your heart rate. We will also coach you on many different ways to work out your whole body outside of just paddling!

Trains Your Mind to Find Your Flow

SUP paddleboarders often find themselves in the “zone,” where they flow through their movements and achieve a sense of peace. When you focus on your balance, your mind builds physical and mental awareness, helping your brain stay young and sharp. And the endorphins from exercise will boost your day!

Paddle More, Worry Less

Besides being in your flow, connecting with nature is a powerful way to reduce stress. In today’s world, people often don’t touch the grass, sand, or natural water for extended periods. Being out in the sunshine, smelling the fresh ocean air, and feeling the waves around you can promote peace, joy, and contentment.

Who is Paddleboarding For?

Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you lift weights five times a week or never set foot in a gym. Stand up paddleboarding is an inclusive fitness activity the entire family can enjoy. We have paddleboarders of all ages, body types, and activity levels looking to start their journey to health and wellness.

No worries if you’re a beginner – we coach newbies all the time! Tampa Bay is great for beginners with its calm waters.

And if you’re an experienced paddleboarder looking to up your gains, we definitely know how to challenge you. Our personal training and individual SUP lessons are the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals.

“My family and I had such a wonderful time paddle boarding with Sophia and her mother! I never realized how much core and balance it took to stay on the paddleboard. We felt so capable with the support and encouragement Sophia provided. You can definitely tell that Sophia and Daffodil love what they do! Can’t wait to workout with Ohana SUP again!”

– N.T.

Enjoying a Paddle Boarding workout

Ohana SUP & Fitness Personal Training & SUP Workouts

No matter what you are looking for, we have SUP-based workouts and personalized training for you. We teach to your level, whether you’re a water sports enthusiast or a total beginner who desires to improve your health.

Movement as Medicine: Medical Fitness

Movement as Medicine: Medical Fitness

While we are not doctors, we work with clients extensively on their weight loss and health goals with tools to put them on the path of reducing medications and new habits for healthy living. We help people with chronic diseases improve their overall health and functional mobility in order to achieve their daily activities of living with success.

Movement for Fitness & Strength: Personal Training

Our small group and one-on-one personal training sessions use SUP, traditional gym-based fitness and weights, on-the-beach training, and a mix of workouts to keep your training challenging, exciting, and effective. We also inspire you when you’re feeling down and encourage healthy habits so you maintain your results.

Movement for Vitality: Recreational SUP Fitness Lessons

If you’re looking to get outdoors and have a great time while getting fit, our recreational classes focus on connecting with the ocean and nature, having a great time, and safety. You’ll also get to know other community members and learn about outdoor events in the area.

Ohana SUP & Fitness also offers in-person and virtual personal training in the privacy of your own home – just ask!

Get Better, Faster Results with a Personal Trainer

It can feel frustrating to achieve the desired results on your own, take a long time, and feel impossible to maintain. While solo sessions sometimes cost a little more, they speed up your results.

A personal trainer:

  • Shows you the proper form and techniques to prevent injuries, correct bad habits, and increase the effectiveness of your workout

  • Accelerates your progress when you’re feeling stuck or results have plateaued

  • Inspires you to show up for your workouts – so you actually do them

  • Designs a program that is perfect for you – goodbye random exercises you found off the internet!

Sophia and Daffodil

Meet Your Coaches

Aloha! Ohana SUP & Fitness is a mother-daughter team of certified fitness professionals who have been in the SUP and personal training business for a long time. We offer a non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere where you don’t need to know everything before you try out paddleboarding or book a personal training session. (That’s our job!)


Daffodil is an accomplished marathoner, former healthcare administrator, and Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She left the corporate world to form Ohana SUP & Fitness with her daughter, Sophia, to help others improve their health and quality of life through exercise and well-being. She specializes in creating tailored fitness plans to help clients fight medical conditions, corrective exercise, and SUP fitness training.


Sophia is passionate about working with young athletes and motivating her clients with joy and love for stand up paddleboarding. She began SUP paddleboarding at a young age, racing competitively across Florida from the age of eight. She was also a four-year track and field athlete at Steinbrenner High School. Sophia is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Nutrition at the University of South Florida and preparing for Physician Assistant graduate school. In addition, Sophia is also working as a personal trainer at USF’s Recreational and Wellness Center.

We Don’t SUP To Live, We Live To SUP!

We chose the word ohana for Ohana SUP & Fitness because it means family. We are a family-owned business that values health, vitality, and longevity. We also consider our clients to be a part of our extended family!

Whether your family already enjoys being outside in nature, you’re just exploring the idea of getting fit, or you’re looking for a community of paddleboard enthusiasts, you’re in the right place. We invite you to experience fitness as fun, movement as medicine, and nature as nutrition to live your best life.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our valued clients have to say about their transformations.

“Cannot commend this trainer anymore than spectacular! She knows each individual. She trains as to what is necessary to make them in the best condition. She always keeps us working as hard as possible, always taking breaks and making sure that strength is most important. Cannot commend her expertise anymore than spectacular! Looking forward to our next session!”

– S.G.

“I always love doing workouts with Daffodil. She is a phenomenal encourager and is intentional about all types of fitness being hallmark of her life. You can run or workout anywhere but doing a SUP Fitness, either a paddling lesson or a Paddlefit session is such a unique change of pace workout. I loved our Paddlefit session. It was a great core workout in a beautiful setting. It was functional exercises and worked every part of my body, but the breeze and water kept me cool at the same time. This is group fitness at its finest, and a perfect escape from your traditional workout.”

– L.M.

“We have been working with Daffodil for a while. She is well versed on how to do warm ups, developing muscles through different routines, and ending with a cool downs. She makes sure to keep you moving, but avoids injuries. She is a great Trainer!”

– J.G.

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